A brief history of our agency

Rebellious Data was formed from a collective of open source hackers invested in helping to bring the power of social media data analytics to good causes and together we built SMAT (the Social Media Analysis Toolkit). Since then we have maintained that spirit but expanded our capabilities dramatically and combined our skills to create a holistic consultancy primed and powerfully situated to wrangle the most complex problems.

Emmi Bevensee


Mozilla Open Web Fellow, Edmund Hilary Fellow, Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right, SMAT

Max Aliapoulios


PhD Candidate at NYU Center for Cybersecurity, SMAT

Harry Momand


Simple Finance, SMAT.

Mix Irving

Front-end dev

Protozoa co-op, Scuttlebutt, SMAT

Jason Baumgartner

Head of Collections

Pushshift, Network Contagion Research Institute

Jeremy Blackburn

Research Advisor/board

iDrama research lab, Assistant professor and Binghampton Comp Sci

Jahed Momand

Business Advisor

Chief Product Officer at Magalix, Head of Research at Typeform, EIR 500 startups

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