We are Rebellious Data

Social Media Analysis

Through our partnership with SMAT (the Social Media Analysis Toolkit) and our own collections and tools, we have unparalleled social media analytics abilities. Whether researching a fringe website or doing audience engagement on Twitter, we’ve got your back.


We offer trainings in a variety of topics such as open source investigation, impact evaluation, data wrangling, horizontal decision making, training of trainers, and how to incorporate social media analysis and marketing into your organization’s stack.

Impact Evaluation

We offer in-depth organizational impact evaluations to help you most effectively align your values and choices. We specialize in non-traditional and next-generation orgs such as this report for Enspiral. Deepen your impact with data driven insight without destroying your work flow.


With our unique data-storytelling approach, we shape big data to help express complex phenomena in easy to understand visual formats such as infographics and interactive network diagrams. Check out SMAT for a taste of what we do.

Open-Source Investigation

Open-source investigation (also known as OSINT) is an emerging field of research designed to glean insights from the massive volume of publicly available data. Through our custom tools and unique field knowledge, we offer detailed reports on a range of topics.

Cooperative Coalition

We are a co-operative organization that works in tandem with several other orgs to empower our stack such as Pushshift, the iDrama research lab, and our non-profit partner SMAT. This organization was formed with additional support from the Mozilla Foundation.

Send us a email at rebelliousdata [at] gmail [dot] com