The Decentralized Web of Hate

Emmi Bevensee, of Rebellious Data, SMAT, and the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right, has finished the second of Rebellious Data new Research Insights series of deep dives into the critical topics of our time. This report looks at how hate movements are decentralizing using emerging technologies in ways that make them harder to combat. These technologies ask us critical questions about the future of society and the internet but also pose incredible potential to help us along our way. The infographic below sets the stage but the full report can be found here.

Note: A platform not covered in this piece but should nonetheless be of interest to researchers in this sub-field is Urbit created in part by the founder of neo-reaction.

Infographic explaining the basics of how p2p technology works as well as the risks, benefits, and strategies to mitigate harm.

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